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Ever wonder how intelligent, caring adults can not only accept children and young people taking experimental drugs, synthetic hormones, under-age mastectomies and castration - but celebrate it? In many ways, facts don't matter as much as perception, and the key to changing perception is framing particularly when it comes to branding around identity.

Framing is essential in dealing with a cultural taboo like the chemical or physical castration of minors. Self-mutilation needed to be re-framed as ‘self-actualisation.’ Firstly, what is a frame? Framing is a marketing practice. So, say I take a pen that’s 6 dollars, is it expensive or cheap? If I put it on a store shelf with pens that range from $50 to $250, we’re likely to say – cheap. But if I put it on a store shelf of a 2-dollar store, with pens 50 to 90 cents, we’re likely to say – expensive. The pen has not changed in either circumstance, but our perception of it is shaped by the framing.

Anyone or group can frame another person, movement or group in any kind of way, positively or negatively, so that the reality is not as significant as the perception that the frame creates. Framing when it comes to branding, relies on creating strong emotional responses that in effect hijack reasoning, the term is an amiglia hijack.

One important frame emphasises that you are cruel and heartless if you cause children to suffer.* In dealing with children who are LGB, Autistic or vulnerable through trauma or mental health issues, the gender clinics and schools’ rationale behind that frame is: any psychological distress a child or young person is experiencing is a sign of being born in the wrong body. People are cruel and heartless should they allow children to suffer by living a life in the wrong body. If the children are not put on the path of transition, there is a high probability that they will kill themselves. (This is a lie.) It is therefore it is our moral duty to liberate their true self from that wrong body to be their authentic self. So, what we hear from Gender Clinics, the trans lobbies of ILGA and their affiliates and ardent gender identitarians to hijack our emotions and bypass our reason, to pressure parents and the general public into compliance with drugs, hormones or surgery for children has been; “Better a live son rather than a dead daughter.”

But understand this, no parent will end up with a son from a daughter through body modification. Nor will they retain a fully functional daughter or son. What transition creates is a chemically altered child mimicking old-fashioned ideas of gender norms. No one wants a distressed daughter to kill herself. But there is no evidence that children will commit suicide if they do not transition. Even so, no ethical doctor would ever treat a suicidal girl by cutting her breasts off, an anorexic with gastric banding, or an autistic with chemical castration. No grown-up should accept emotional blackmail from children or fringe activists, to give children things that would harm them. The idea that any doctor would allow children to diagnose the cause of their own distress, and then prescribe their own treatment, is gross malpractice.

All of this is reckless. We need to be adults. Australian children deserve safety and ethical care.

Another example of an effective frame that is used against those who have the courage to speak out against gender identity ideology’s harmful impact on the young, families and women is; You are right-wing and oppose progress*. Apart from the recent platforming of a handful of men, i.e., Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro for example, (who came late to the party on the queer issue). As it has been women’s rights that are removed under transgenderism, women bear the greater percentage of physical threats and verbal sneers of ‘dinosaurs,’ ‘right wingers’ and of being non-progressive from fringe activists.

But in fact, women have always been ahead of men for progressive social change. LGB rights, same-sex marriage, climate action, cultural diversity, Uluru statement & Voice, refugees. This has been shown in opinion polls throughout the decades. We care for LGB kids and those with ASD and those impacted by sexism. We care about women in prisons. We care about women and girls subjected to male violence. We have always been ahead of men in urging responsible action on climate. That’s what we’re doing here: urging responsible action that considers unintended consequences.

But really, if I believe that Muslim women should be able to undress and bathe away from males, as their faith requires. Why is that view ‘right wing’? Which part of my desire to protect traumatised female prisoners and victims of rape or domestic violence from predatory males is ‘right wing’?

We are pro-women - women have the right to safety and dignity - those who are at their most vulnerable, e.g., in prison, homeless/DV shelters, attending support groups after trauma, women who are disabled or elderly and need care by others - as well as all women in everyday life - toilets, changerooms, women-only social groups, requesting a female for medical care. Women should not need to justify or have a ‘good enough’ reason to have the freedom of choice and access to single-sex spaces and services.

We the sane, both women and men, cannot believe that people uncritically accept archaic restrictive sex stereotypes. That female kids are passive and have long hair and only like ‘girly’ things. That being female means femininity and being kind. That being male involves short hair and active sports. It feels like we have snapped back to the conservative ideas of the 1950s, yet spouted today by queer and gender identitarians this regressive view is considered modern, new, and progressive?

Some things are of interest to decent people on all sides neither simply right or the left, they are of interest to everyone who cares for freedom and the human rights of women, children and LGB.

Framing relies on hijacking our emotional responses, switching on our identity biases and even weaponizing our compassionate empathy to bypass reason and hide the truth by distortion of what is in plain sight.

* The responses to these two frames come from Graeme Bowman working in our Framing project group. If you would like to work on any number of AWWA or LGB Defence projects email Kataraina.Karena@protonmail.com

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Updated: Oct 26

Industries prefer their products and services to be scaleable, one size fits all solutions for higher profits. A solution to a problem the pharmaceutical and medical industry looked to re-address was gender dysphoria in youth; which is a persistent unease a youth may have with society’s gender norms related to their sex. The gender industry looked to find a more profitable, ideally scalable alternative to the current solution of watchful waiting, which looked to reconcile youth with their sex. From a business perspective this is not a highly profitable solution:

  • Treatment was usually one on one. It is not scalable.

  • It financially benefits a small number of trained psychologists only.

  • It is private there is no contact marketing; no specific campaigns that combine marketing and sales to connect with specific prospects, the target market i.e., the youth. But also, high-value prospects like CEOs, C-level executives and top decision-makers of corporate and government to promote the product brand.

  • No opportunity for viral marketing; the use of social networks to promote a product mainly on various social media platforms; TikTok, YouTube, FaceBook, Tumblr etc.

  • Unfortunately, cured patients exit the market, so there is no recurrent revenue; no fees charged at regular intervals for products or services.

The new solution gender-affirming care, however, redefines the problem that youth are in fact in the ‘wrong body’ and therefore require a product line of drugs and surgery to modify the youth’s body to the appearance of the opposite sex (or these days non-binary). This with viral and contact marketing opens up a hugely scalable business.

The gender industry product lines include chemical castration & late stage endometriosis drugs used off-label as ‘puberty blockers’, cross-sex hormones, surgical procedures like castration and double mastectomies for changing the appearance of an individual not only to that of the opposite sex but lately also to conform to the idea of a third gender (non-binary) in the removal of all primary and secondary sex characteristics.

Once youth are on the medical pathway the recurrent revenue stream is in the hormones and drugs over a transgender's lifetime to maintain themselves. Plus, for exploratory surgeries gone wrong; reparatory surgeries.

In business, once you have a major platform, ancillary markets spring up around the new market. In the early stages of social transition for children 5 years and up, a market in specialist clothing opened up, little packers; fake male genitalia to put into little girls' pants, or tuckers for boys to squish their genitalia flat, chest binders for girls and of course makeup and ‘non-gendered’ clothing. This type of industry needs to get around the fact that there are usually laws against advertising directly to children because youth and children can be easily influenced. So, it necessitates bringing in specific laws to do away with safeguarding for example in Australia education policy brought in the concept of ‘mature minors,’ where parental oversight is taken out of the equation for children to ‘transition’ with or without a parent's permission. It has been estimated in Australia that each consumer going for full transition is worth 50-250K over their lifetime and that does not include reparative surgery for the high probability of experimental surgery gone wrong.

Contact marketing, viral marketing around identity branding and framing is a big part of selling this kind of product. Growing the market relies on contact marketing, which is driven by Trans Gender Diverse Youth Advocacy groups, for example, Minus18. (An organisation co-founded by a paedophile Colin Roland Billing. It's comparable to Mermaids in its goals.) The government provides grants with marketing videos, large events; galas, shows, dances etc. targeting the under-19 age bracket, evangelizing the cause and promoting recruitment. Wear-It-Purple days or IDAHOBIT days, engage corporations from C level down to staff push the trans 'authentic self' marketing narrative. Success is measured in user acquisition; how many people attend or participate, how many new people come on board and what percentage become consumers.

The diversity and inclusion audits of ACON, Pride In Sport and Pride in Diversity - all require an organisation to market trans-supporting narratives internally and externally. (i.e., 11 out of 18 sections of the Pride in Sports audit for small community sports require community organisers to call corporations, promote transgender diverse narrative at half-time etc. Australia's Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) audit requires corporates to use suppliers and 3rd parties to also adhere to 'inclusion and diversity,' essentially, it’s a multi-level marketing scheme.

School Advocacy programs promoting gender identity ideology Internet advertising via Instagram and YouTube influencers cover the viral marketing aspect. Direct internet marketing to youth bypassing advertising laws, Trans Gender Diverse sponsors like Netflix, and public media outlets like ABC and SBS signed up to ACON’s Australia Workplace Equality Index creates a narrative that trans children need to be their 'authentic selves' to engage sympathy and support for the frame if you don’t let them transition, they will suicide.

Although we have heard that the huge increase in the transgender movement is a grassroots movement, social contagion, human rights movement or a typical generational youth rebellion, at the heart of this movement is simply business.

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I am a left-wing, secondary teacher of visual arts in an NSW HIghschool. I fully support the new marriage rights of LGB people, and my children have always known they are safe in their sexuality in our home. My son is convinced he needs to be castrated. He is 17 and I believe he has ROGD. He has only had girlfriends, and this year his girlfriend who identifies as non-binary dumped him without any warning, and he disassociated and then tried to take his life that night. Since then he has been with CAMHS every week, and I - his mother - have been treated with contempt, blamed, examined, questioned, been under suspicion by the psychologist and psychiatrist. At first we affirmed his request for gender neutral pronouns. It just didn’t sit right. I listened to the ‘Gender - A Wider Lens’ podcast, and the advice there made sense to me and our situation. So I researched. A lot. At one appointment the psychiatrist asked “you seem to be quite invested in researching all of this. Why do you think that is?”. I would attend the meetings at CAMHS and always feel completely attacked. My husband would also notice this, and it was only ever directed at me, the mother. I felt like I was being ‘killed off’. Like a Disney story where it’s not a great story if the mother is alive, and if she is alive then she’s the villain. We clearly communicated with CAMHS that our son was going through complex trauma related to the death of his grandmother when puberty began, and the bad behaviour of his uncle and grandfather - nasty drunks. We tried to protect him from their verbal abuse, but when he witnessed it I cut them off. This was also another loss. When I talk about this with our son, he can’t remember any of it, and says his grandmother dying wasn’t traumatic at all (not true - I was there!). We begged the psychologist at CAMHS to explore a psychological therapy where this trauma was investigated and explored so that my son could understand the source of his trauma, and how his self-diagnosis is on the wrong track. The psych just said “I understand that is YOUR understanding of things”. Totally dismissed. Then he referred him to the Maple Leaf House in Newcastle - the gender clinic. Against our specific request not to do this. We are on our own, unsupported by our mental health system and policies. Our son couldn’t get through school and finish the HSC. The school he was at HSPA - also pushed him towards this. The culture there is like a cult. No child leaves the school ok. It’s widely known in our region. (How did I let him go there? He’s extremely talented as a musician and wanted to be at the specialist arts school- I didn’t know what it would be like until after). Believe me - I blame myself every day. I’m his mum, the buck stops with me. I am invested in his lifelong health and happiness. I love him more than anyone - despite what he is being convinced of that me not using his chosen pronouns is a form of violence. That I’m toxic. We never raised a hand with our kids - we believed in conscious parenting, I have given up my career to be home with the kids through primary school. We have a loving, joyous home. Covid, social media, internet, YouTube, school, the girlfriend - it was a perfect storm. We are in the eye of the hurricane - nurturing the relationship and keeping him close. Our whole family is under siege / hijacked by the terror of future harm to his body, or further suicide attempts. His sisters are traumatised by this. I am a mess. My husband went on leave for the whole year to care for him. We are isolated and alone. We can’t find a single non-affirming psychologist who will work with our son to investigate his true trauma and self. That’s why I’m so committed to researching this. I’m happy to be contacted, and give further information. But my son can’t know - we are very careful to keep him with us - there are many glitter mums waiting in the wings to take him from me.