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Our members of Active Watchful Waiting[i] are a mixed group; parents, teachers, health professionals, detransitioners, transexual and members of the LGB community. And I would say, despite our differences and diversity what unites us is our deep concern at the pipelining of young people onto the conveyor belt of products and services that underpins the profits of the gender affirmation industry[ii]. The major profiteers of this industry being the medical and pharmaceutical organisations.[iii] The major brand of this industry is ‘gender identity,’ to be your ‘authentic self’ via a product line drugs and surgeries. It’s core target market is the youth, LGB, Autistic, vulnerable youth with mental health comorbidities[iv] and young girls susceptible to social influence and contagion. With regards to this bill on the table it’s playing it’s part in the ‘gender affirmation’ process in two ways. One being part of the social transition process and two through legitimising the conversion therapy process of LGB children.

So, one, ‘social transition’ starts with documentation. In schools it involves the referencing of and recording of student’s gender identity, new name and pronouns, clothing and bathroom use, etc. [v]

--Changing the sex on the birth certificate is taking the child’s social transitioning to another level, altogether.

This is not a neutral act[vi], most youth if pushed to socially transition will move onto the second stage which is medical transitioning[vii]. This involves taking of chemical castration and endometriosis drugs used to interfere or ‘block’ puberty[viii], cross-sex hormones and the last stage is extreme body modification (mastectomies and physical castration).

Instead of a future healthy life with body undamaged, these children who medically transition are set on course for lifetime pharma-co-logical dependence and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, thrombosis, sterility, and probable sexual dysfunction.

This bill takes an active part in this gender affirmation process because it does not just note the ‘gender identity,’ what the child feels about themselves at that time, it legally falsifies the child’s sex, it is dubious that this bill is affirming an existing ‘transgender identity’ it is for most youth creating[ix] a transgender identity. Because without this type of interference children that have an incongruence or disconnect with their body, up to 80- 98% of them will grow out of it once through puberty.

Furthermore, more than two thirds of those youth who would normally grow out of this will grow up to be gay or bisexual, as there is a high correlation[x] with gender non-conformance, homosexuality and bisexuality. What children are told if they are gender nonconforming is they are ‘born in the wrong body’ because they have a “gender identity” that does not match the gender norms or behaviour expected of their sex. In line with this idea, a female child more likely to grow up lesbian is expected to present as a (trans) boy, and a gender non-conforming male child is expected to identify as a (trans) girl.

Once a child is identified as trans, state education policies, Victoria State schools for example make a ‘gender affirmation plan’ so these impressionable LGB young people effectively are groomed to conform to a heterosexual norm. This is conversion therapy[xi]. LGB organisations like LGB Defence, Coalition of Activist Lesbians, LGB Alliance Australia and LGB Tasmania call it ‘transing the gay away.’

The other distinct cohort is girls. Before 2012, gender dysphoria in the past was almost exclusively boys (roughly .01%). But girls[xii] are now the majority of children who are transitioning, and this is more to do with gender ideation, a fixation on a gender identity, through social influence[xiii] and contagion. There are more than 95[xiv] gender identities thus far.

In research they are commonly referred to though as having ROGD[xv], rapid onset gender dysphoria. My co-founder of AWW also runs Australian Parents of ROGD kids,

she deals with 4-5 calls a week from distraught and desperate parents of these girls.

She told me recently of a typical call, a sobbing father called through desperate to stop his 15 year old daughter from cutting off her breasts. In the state he’s in if he denies her, this is child abuse, and he could lose her to the family court system, so she could be taken from her home as have many others.

Under the family court system there are criminal sanctions if he speaks of this. So, he – and he is one of over 1000 of these parents she has dealt with in the last 7 years, are gagged.

They suffer in silence and the system keeps most Australians in the dark on this reality. This movement is not a grass roots movement; self-Id laws are one of several laws the trans gender lobbies’ handbook[xvi] (Only Adults? Good practices for legal recognition for youth) instructs trans lobbies to be put into place to enable children to be transitioned. Sex should in no way be removed, conflated or be replaced with ‘gender identity’ in law. We should affirm all people’s birth sex as their legal sex, while ensuring all people protection from discrimination or interference based on their gender non-conforming appearance or behaviour, that’s’ all. Catherine Anderson-Karena Active Watchful Waiting Inc.

[i] [ii] The Business model of youth transitioning [iii] [iv] [v] [vi] Social transition – changing names, pronouns, clothing and bathroom use – correlates with the persistence of transgender identity. Paediatric transition doctors in the Netherlands who first pioneered the use of puberty blockers in dysphoric children observe that social transition correlates with an increase in young people’s persistence when it comes to gender identity [1]. This led them to caution against social transition before puberty. Another paper [2] notes that gender dysphoria is more persistent into adolescence where social transition has occurred, and as such asserts that social transition is a “psychosocial intervention [which] might be characterized as iatrogenic” – a medical problem caused by the treatment itself. There is evidence [3] that social transition by the child was found to be strongly correlated with persistence for natal boys, more so than for girls. REFERENCES [1] de Vries, A. L., & Cohen-Kettenis, P. T. (2012). Clinical management of gender dysphoria in children and adolescents: The Dutch approach. Journal of Homosexuality 59 (3): 301–320. [Link] [2] Zucker, K. J. (2019). Debate: Different strokes for different folks. Child and Adolescent Mental Health 25(1): 36-37. [Link] [3] Steensma, T.D., McGuire, J.K., Kreukels, B.P., Beekman, A.J. & Cohen-Kettenis, P.T. (2013). Factors associated with desistence and persistence of childhood gender dysphoria: a quantitative follow-up study. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 52 (6): 582-90. [Link] One study showed that, without social transition, nearly two-thirds of pre-teen gender-dysphoric males grow up to be gay or bisexual. A University of Toronto study [1] found that 63.6% of boys with early onset gender dysphoria, who received ‘watchful waiting’ treatment and no pre-pubertal social transition, grew up to be gay or bisexual. Only 12% of the study participants continued to identify as transfeminine. REFERENCES [1] Singh, D., Bradley, S.J. & Zucker, K.J. (2021). A Follow-Up Study of Boys With Gender Identity Disorder. Frontiers in Psychology 12. [Link] [vii] [viii] [ix] [x] [xi] [xii] [xiii] [xiv] [xv] [xvi]Only Adults? Good practices in legal gender recognition for youth The Denton’s handbook. Dentons, partnered with media conglomerate Thomson-Reuters to create a Trans Gender Diverse (TGD advocacy handbook, colloquially called the Denton’s Handbook, entitled; “Only Adults? Good practices in legal gender recognition for youth.” ( It focuses on strategies to mitigate the gender industry’s business risks. It also sets out 8-9 common goals for trans lobbies to pursue which creates alignment for advocacy across the world. i.e., in relation to minors “Extending the process (self-id gender recognition) to minors” (pg. 16) · Remove parental consent to medical & social transitioning to the appearance of the opposite sex · Remove parental consent to the legal recognition of minors, e.g., in schools a child affirmed to be a ‘mature minor’ in order to transition without parental consent or knowledge.


No. Many parents have been told if they do not comply with 'gender affirmation care' their child will commit suicide. This trans rights narrative causes much concern but is not supported by facts. Every suicide is a tragedy, and one suicide is a suicide too many. However, with such a serious issue, accuracy is critical.

Please refer to Suicide Facts and Myths and for succinct statistics on the following key facts on suicide for gender dysphoric youth:

  • One long-ranging study estimated a suicide rate for gender dysphoric people of 0.6%.

  • There is no high-quality evidence to suggest that the overall attempted suicide rate of transgender youth is 41%

  • People with psychiatric conditions – and sometimes neurodiverse conditions – are much more likely to die by suicide than gender dysphoric people.

  • Suicide rarely has one cause: it is difficult for statistical studies on suicide to extricate gender dysphoria from other factors.

  • There is little evidence that medical transition decreases suicidality.

This means a one-size fits all solution for gender dysphoria will be harmful to the majority of youth.

So, what we hear from Gender Clinics, the trans lobbies of ILGA and their affiliates and ardent gender identitarians to hijack our emotions and bypass our reason, to pressure parents and the general public into compliance with drugs, hormones or surgery for children has been;
“Better a live son rather than a dead daughter.”
But understand this, no parent will end up with a son from a daughter through body modification. Nor will they retain a fully functional daughter or son. What transition creates is a chemically altered child mimicking old-fashioned ideas of gender norms. No one wants a distressed daughter to kill herself. But there is no evidence that children will commit suicide if they do not transition. Even so, no ethical doctor would ever treat a suicidal girl by cutting her breasts off, an anorexic with gastric banding, or an autistic with chemical castration. No grown-up should accept emotional blackmail from children or fringe activists, to give children things that would harm them. The idea that any doctor would allow children to diagnose the cause of their own distress, and then prescribe their own treatment, is gross malpractice.

Gender Industry - Part 2, the amygdala hijack.

All of this is reckless. We need to be adults. Australian children deserve safety and ethical care.

  • childdefender

What I’m here to talk about has utterly consumed the past seven years of my life, but I only have a few minutes to share it with you today.

When my daughter was 15, I was thrown quite suddenly into the world of the transgender movement after she had been raped by a schoolmate. I only found out by stumbling upon a school exercise book that she’d left on my desk, quite out in the open. The first line of the journal read, “it’s been 7 days since THEY raped me”. I was horrified, made worse by the thought that it had been more than one person. When I asked her about the awful incident, she explained that it was only one person whose preferred pronoun was ‘they’, my first encounter with “prefered pronouns”.

I contacted the police the next day but they were not interested in investigating.

We took our daughter to a psychologist and pulled her out of school to start her at TAFE to get her away from her rapist.

My daughter made a series of declarations over the following several weeks- first that she was confused because a boy she liked had adopted what I have come to know as an opposite-sex “gender identity”, then that she was a lesbian and finally that she believed herself to be a male trapped in a female body- which she vehemently defended as fact, despite all biological realities. I was shocked and confused.

I took her to our GP who referred her to the gender clinic at the children’s hospital. The waiting list was quite long so we were told not to expect an appointment until the following year.

During the wait, there was an incident in which I confiscated my daughter’s phone for inappropriate social media use at 3 am - I parented her. A few days later, a young man who seemed to know my daughter came into our home stating that he was there to take my son. He said he was from an organisation called Transfolk and in the confusion, it hit me that he had come to take my daughter. The young man pushed through our home, and me, to gather her things. He called 000 after I forced him out the front door, terrified by what was going on.

While the police were assessing the situation, my daughter told them that she was suicidal- using foreign and seemingly scripted words, phrases and dialect the entire time. Though the officers told me that they didn’t believe she was suicidal, they took her for a psychiatric evaluation anyway.

At the hospital, my daughter told the police about the rape. Thinking that someone was finally taking it seriously, I retrieved the notebook for their investigation.

My daughter spoke with a hospital psychiatrist who then told us to respect her wishes because “it’s better to have a live son than a dead daughter”- the first but not the last time I’ve heard this particular phrase.

When my daughter was sent home they gave us a list of rules to follow, not to do with suicidality or rape trauma, but only her “gender identity”. We were not to take away her devices under any circumstances, not to punish her for anything and we were to remove her childhood photos from our walls, as that person was said to be dead now.

A woman was then sent to our home, from where we don’t know, and she interrogated my husband and I for seven hours, confirming for our daughter that we were terrible, abusive parents- her only evidence of this being that we hadn’t taken the pictures down or recently repainted her bedroom walls.

Three months later we had our initial appointment at the gender clinic with the clinic nurse. Within 25 minutes she slipped my daughter a form, which I later learned was a consent form for a variety of hormones, explained the gender clinic process, quickly skimmed over the medical risks and suggested that we start her on Puberty Blockers. I was stunned. I truly expected the gender clinic to evaluate her in some way before offering her powerful drugs.

When I didn’t accept the puberty blockers on my daughter’s behalf the nurse said, “well maybe just some testosterone then!” When I declined, she advised my daughter to go to the adult clinic when she turns 18. Later, the clinic’s head psychiatrist and psychologist both insisted that the rape trauma had nothing to do with her supposed gender dysphoria.

My daughter was receiving no help for her trauma.

A few months later, still angry that I hadn’t said yes to the hormones, my daughter ran away while the rest of us were out one evening. She left with very little, even leaving behind her anti-depressants, which greatly concerned us. We called the police who did manage to locate her but refused to tell us where she was. They made a point to tell us that she had moved in with someone from “the trans community”. We learned that she later moved into a halfway house for homeless youth.

After the shock of our daughter leaving wore off a bit, we followed up with the police regarding her rape. They had destroyed the notebook, the only evidence they had, and the officers, the police corruption department, the police ombudsman and the Freedoms of Information all refused to answer any of our questions.

There was nothing else we could do.

Time passed and we met with our daughter just after her 18th birthday. She started testosterone injections just a few weeks after that. The first time she called me after starting these drugs, I almost didn’t believe it was her- her voice had changed so much.

Over the next couple of years, she only contacted us when she needed something but I always came running when she called. I used her new name but that wasn’t enough. She demanded that I state that I’d only given birth to two sons, no daughter at all. Of course, I hadn’t and I wasn’t willing to change my history to help her rewrite her own.

When I found a Go Fund Me page for my daughter set up to raise money to remove her breasts, I contacted the surgeon she had listed on the page. I explained that she was struggling with untreated rape trauma and was in a great deal of emotional distress. This surgeon feigned compassion and then printed my emails and gave them all to my daughter. She had the surgery in January 2021, right in the middle of the Covid outbreak when all non-essential surgeries had been cancelled. Though she got what she wanted, she was furious with me for interfering and she cut ties completely.

I started spending the bulk of my time reading and researching. I found a group called Parents of ROGD Kids, which later asked me to start a parent support group in Australia, which I did. Our numbers grew incredibly quickly. I personally speak to every single new member so they might not feel as desperate, isolated and crazy as I did seven years ago.

I have personally heard thousands of parents’ stories and the similarities are astonishing. The children seem to be using the same words and phrases like a script, all following the same steps toward and through medicalization. These are parents of all races, with different beliefs and backgrounds all over Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore and New Zealand. How are children from all these different countries all saying and doing the same thing? Why are parents all around the world being told the same thing: ``better a live son than a dead daughter” or vice versa? This statement is not only emotional blackmail, but it’s also not true. We didn’t get another live son. We got a mutilated, confused, unhappy, pseudo-pretend ‘son’ who’s still our much-loved daughter.

I’ve also spoken to many detansitioners whose stories of transition and regret also follow a marked pattern, many left with anger toward the parents and individuals who affirmed their delusions. These young people are not being given the care they desperately need, now that they are no longer “transgender”.

The government has become too involved in the day-to-day running of families. There is huge state over-reach. These parents are NOT abusive, they’re concerned for their children and rightly so as the side effects of puberty blockers are significant and permanent, the same goes for this use of testosterone and oestrogen.

These outrageous social and political changes have caused me to lose my daughter, her to lose her health and her breasts, and all of us to lose our God-given right to parent our own children, our trust in our institutions, and our faith in our government.

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