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Active Watchful Waiting Australasia is a community of parents, teachers, health professionals, detransitioners and members of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual community. We are deeply concerned about the experimental “gender affirmative” model of ‘healthcare’ currently promoted by Federal and State governments to children and young people.


We at AWWA reject dangerous and damaging ideologies that tell children that they are born in the wrong body and that they require medical and surgical interventions to treat their gender non-conformity. We do not support any ideologues who tell children that their emotional and psychological problems can be solved with cross-sex hormones, chemical and surgical castration, double-mastectomies, or other brutal surgical procedures.


At AWWA, we see it is our duty as parents, carers and responsible adults to secure the health and well-being of children and young people. Increasingly, however, children are being sold the lie that they should medically and surgically alter their bodies if they are gender non-conforming. Puberty is not a medical condition and should not be treated as such. Rather, children and adolescents should be supported through the natural stages of development and should be free to explore their interests, careers, hopes and desires without the demands of sex stereotypes and the spectre of medical and surgical intervention.


Many young people in Australia who don’t conform to gender norms have instead become targets of an ideology that puts them on a pathway to becoming life-long medical patients. We now know from evidence from overseas that children who may be autistic, same-sex attracted, victims of sexual or domestic abuse, or victims of online grooming, are much more likely to report feelings of gender dysphoria and seek out off-label medications and body modification surgeries.


The inevitable outcome of the administration of “puberty-blocking” medications; (off-label chemical castration, endometriosis and late-stage cancer medications), cross-sex hormones, and invasive experimental surgeries has been an exponential rise in de-transitioners - those who formally identified as trans or gender diverse (TGD) and who have since desisted. There is currently no support for those who have undergone drastic experimental procedures and who now suffer severe emotional, psychological and physical consequences.


  • At Active Watchful Waiting, we advocate for mental health professionals to be empowered to provide much-needed support to detransitioners, their families and gender-questioning youth.

  • Active Watchful Waiting advocates for health care professionals to take a cautious, ethical, exploratory, patient-centred, conservative, psychotherapy-focused approach to those suffering from gender distress.

  • Active Watchful Waiting works to inform and raise awareness of the general public and in particular politicians, health professionals, parents, teachers and journalists on the harms of mandatory gender affirmative pathways and gender medicine can cause.

  • Active Watchful Waiting explores the political, ideological and financial interests invested in the gender industry, and influencing schools, media, education policies and law in Australia and New Zealand.

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